Diversity Recruiting Best Practices

A powerful, diverse team starts in the hands of great recruiters

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Course Description

This Diversity Recruiting Best Practice series helps out the foundation for diversity recruiting. This course will help participants think through their diversity recruiting and help create the strongest team possible.

The reality is that diversity recruiting in talent acquisition is faced with a paradigm shift. It is time for this discipline to re-work its process, re-think its approaches, and re-skill its workforce to stay competitive.

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Course Benefits

Understand what it takes to build a culture that supports inclusive diversity

Learn the different perspectives of how D&I is integrated in developing and retaining the right talent

Understand the importance of recognizing hard wired bias; so that you can mitigate the behavior that potentially causes conflict

Learn how to engage in safe conversations on how to uncover bias in talent acquisition

Learn best practices on how to leverage targeted recruiting strategies

Gain knowledge on real-time insights from DMBA Inclusive Leadership Index on the current landscape of recruiting

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