About Us

Why Read Diversity MBA Magazine?

Today’s workplace demands innovation, creativity, and high performance to achieve ultimate success.

Diversity MBA Magazine offer answers to the most pressing questions of the day. Our magazine focuses on multiple dimensions of the diversity experience delivering compelling strategies and best practices to ensure your ultimate success.

For the recent grad, Diversity MBA Magazine offers job opportunities and market research on the best companies to work for that focus on diversity.

Our Topics Cover:

Learning, adapting, and excelling in leadership positions

Kickstarting your ideal career

Analyzing key business trends

Understanding how DEI impacts a business’s bottom line

Leading teams using a global lens

Discovering your unique skillset

Cultivating your team’s individual talents

Our Goals Include:

Informing present and future leaders about what defines success and what it takes to achieve it

Sharing insight from accomplished professionals on their paths, perspectives, and passions

Assisting organizations in maximizing the potential of their teams

Leading conversations around essential trends for business success in today’s world