About Us

Why Read Diversity MBA Magazine?

Today’s workplace demands innovation, creativity, and high performance to achieve ultimate success.

Diversity MBA Magazine offer answers to the most pressing questions of the day. Our magazine focuses on multiple dimensions of the diversity experience delivering compelling strategies and best practices to ensure your ultimate success.

For the recent grad, Diversity MBA Magazine offers job opportunities and market research on the best companies to work for that focus on diversity.

What We Write About:

  • How Leaders Learn, Adapt & Excel
  • How to Jumpstart Your Career
  • Key Trends in Business
  • The Impact of Diversity on the Bottom Line
  • Managing with a Global Perspective
  • Finding Your Unique Talents
  • Developing the Unique Talents in Those Around

Our Goals:

  • To Inform today’s and tomorrow’s leaders about what it takes to succeed.
  • To Share insights from accomplished professionals abou their paths, perspectives and passions.
  • To Help diverse organizations get the most from their workforce.
  • To Lead thinking about the trends that matter for business in the 21st Century.