Thriving to be the Best

We are a lean organization that attracts people with multiple talents and gifts who are willing to use all of them. We have a matrix model where all employees are accountable for their link in the chain. Our entire staff is cross functionally trained and technology is the way we bring LIFE to our multiple platforms. Our functional areas include: people, operations, sales, marketing, editorial , programs & events, media, and community. Diversity is our mantra with both gender, identity and ethnicity integrated into the fabric of our organization. Our interns fuel our pipeline. We engage daily in our virtual team environment, so independence and self direction is a business imperative for us. Our culture thrives on people development, recognition and authenticity in the workplace. We want all of YOU.

Reverse engineering throughout the entire organization resulted in our understanding the investment we are making in state of the art standard operating procedures (SOPs) for every process. Technology and performance metrics are aligned with every key function as a part of our decision making process.

Customer Service – We have second to none standards in place with same day response goals. Our satisfaction ratio is 98 percent. We strive daily to achieve 100 percent satisfaction but we know some things are not in our control. Customer service also supports all client needs related to our products and services.

Member Services -is managed by our dedicated team. They support more than 150 members that include corporate, regional, government, University and small businesses. Our goal is to achieve 350 by end of 2017. This area has a 100 percent engagement ratio. Our goal is to ensure each client is receiving expected value and more.

Inventory Control -is one of our core operational functions. Database and circulation management, shipping management and continuous workflow improvements are integrated into every function with metrics aligned to expected outcomes. Our external customer advisory team keeps us abreast of our clients’ needs. This group allows us to stay cutting edge with our service delivery.

Has multiple channels with dedicated teams that are aligned with service support. Most importantly, our sales connections are motivated by engagement, experience and value. They are amazing department because they care about serving our clients and excellence. Year over year, for the past few years we have exceeded our targets and are on track to being a multi- million dollar organization with the worlds’ greatest diversity and inclusion products and services available live, mobile and online.

Our marketing team put the ‘W’ in Wow. Our entire organization craves the unique creative’s that are constantly being shared on a daily basis. They want our clients to have memories that are everlasting. They understand that our marketing platform is more than just promoting the brand, it is sharing our story and celebrating all of the success of everyone that has ever experienced Diversity MBA. Marketing has extended the experience of our customers to last year round…who does that? More importantly we can directly track our marketing efforts to business results and impact.

This team is on fire. They work 6 months in advance to keep pace with all of the publications, online content, book deadlines, blogs and weekly diversity news briefs for executives. We get hundreds of pitches daily and requests to publish. Harvard Business Review (HBR) feeds us titles to promote among our followers. We are the leading diversity and leadership book reviewer among diversity publications reviewing 20 books a month.

Diversity MBA has the most unique recognition and development leadership programs executed through their live event platform. The blended execution of a national conference, regional forums, webinars and virtual & industry roundtables has positioned us as the premier diversity leadership and management organization on the planet. Our regional customer councils provide feedback and insights that keeps us innovative. We are Different, We are Best, & We Care; this is the philosophy that positions us to help everyone that has a desire to be inclusive.

Benchmarking & Research– The source of our original data our inclusive leadership index(ILI) spans 10 year of recognizing more than 300 companies for the best companies for women and diverse managers to work ; and more than 900 Top 100 under 50 emerging and executive leaders. This has allowed us to provide 25 industry trends and metrics on leading edge talent management best practices. Our content is unique because it is developed from our original research that identifies current trends and best practices. We train thousands annually through these platforms. We help organizations of all sizes become the best they can be.

Partners -Our partnerships with professional associations and other organizations are imperative to our success. We partner today with 15 of the largest business professional national organizations in the world. Our network is diverse, robust and global.

Our PR firm integrates with our marketing department so they deliver key results hand in hand. Together they are proactive in pitching our presence to mainstream media. Diversity MBA has its own diversity news media outlet. Our network of more than 200 public relations firms that use us as a key diversity news resource. Through our partner news, breaking news and promotional outlets we are able to communicate on D&I initiatives on a real time multidimensional level to global markets.

Makes it all worthwhile for us. We believe in paying it forward. DMBA gives back 2% of profits to its foundation and has a corporate matching program. DMBA Community has leveraged the corporate social responsibility initiatives among our members to increase engagement and exposure of their initiatives. For example, partnered with Motorola Solutions to help train and develop high school STEM focused students.

Conceive It, Believe It, Achieve It!